Start the new week with some gentle touches by adding a lovely little flower delicately attached to the ear of this Puff 🌼

One of the recent advancements in crafting techniques is that I have transitioned almost 100% of the manual shaping process to the computer. This shift has brought about increased precision and ensured better consistency in both quantity and quality.

While this keycap design takes inspiration from cream puffs, it is not an exact replica of the original pastry. I have made slight adjustments to allow for easier customization of colors. The entire color scheme is cast using the multiple cast technique.

This particular design is the second custom color variant and will be available for sale on 15 June at 10pm ( GMT+7 )

You can preview the previous variant in the album here

To participate in the raffle sales, please fill out the form here ( Note that the form will only be accessible from the designated date )

Alternatively, you can enable notifications on my Instagram post here for updates.

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy week.